White Dust

We love the Adriatic sea, its deep blue depths and changing winds, its simple beauty and breathtaking serenity. With more than 1.200 islands Croatia is a nautical wonder attracting sailors from every corner of the world. To sail the Adriatic sea is to indulge in Croatia’s spectacular 6000km long coast– a backdrop of dramatic coastal mountains, hillside vineyards and magnificent historical towns, and then some: the highly acclaimed cuisine, exquisite olive oil, and boutique smallbatch wines.

We offer you the possibility to experience the full splendor of Croatia’s coastline and sea, that is not possible with the typical sailboat charter services. Our high-quality Performance Cruiser Salona 44, equipped with state of the art Ocean A technology and customized to meet the needs of sailors with a passion for pleasure offers space and comfort for relaxed family cruising as well as for an exciting racing experience. Our experienced skipper, familiar with the known as well as undiscovered nautical routes, will take you to concealed fine-dining spots and off-the-map pristine beaches that evade the common tourist. For a sailing experience with a definite difference, your time on White Dust can be completely tailor-made to suit your idea of a perfect holiday.

I need the Sea because it teaches me.
Pablo Neruda


Performance is the most distinctive feature of our Salona 44, especially designed featuring light yet strong construction and equipped with state of the art technology with Ocean A registry. In addition to performance, priority in design has been given to the idea of making life very comfortable on board. A spacious and elegant wi-fi equipped salon, a fully-equipped kitchen, 3+1 double-bed cabins which comfortably sleep up to 8 persons, two bathrooms, and a cozy hammock on the dock, provide a functional yet stylish space for comfortable sailing.

A sailor’s joys are as simple as a child’s.
Bernard Moitessier


Alan Vajdic - Vajda
Yacht Master A
Languages: Croatian (native), English, (good), German (basic)

Vajda’s passion for sailing began in the Adriatic at the young age of five, and the list of competitions, classes and sailing events he has experienced are impressive. He has sailed in Optimist and Laser classes as well as on cruisers as a member of some of the most accomplished teams in the Adriatic Sea. Vajda continues to be a member of several sailing teams as a sailor as well as a professional photographer, -his other professional calling.

For the last 22 years, Vajda has sailed with tourists across the Adriatic and amassed extensive experience and knowledge of the Adriatic Sea. His heart’s mission is to give his guest crew a safe and unforgettable time during their time onboard. A father of two boys, he has seen his children grow up on boats, and is incredibly patient and softly spoken with junior sailors.

As a professional photographer and videographer Vajda has frequently published his photos and written articles with leading Croatian sailing and yachting magazines including the well-known More. He has also participated in the making of Sailing pilot and Pearl of the Adriatic, the two films which have greatly contributed to the knowledge of Adriatic’s nautical experience.

  • Weekly Sailing

    We offer a range of exciting White Dust sailing packages to complete your Croatia holiday experience. All of our programs can be customized to meet your requests.

    Make an Enquiry about White Dust Sailing Packages

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  • Adventure Sail

    Indulge in a complete sailing experience, fuelled by adrenalin and filled with experience of life on the sea. Suitable for adventurers, this package is ideal for those who want to discover the secret superb side of Adriatic Sea, its hidden beaches, hard-to-reach islands, as well as well known attractions along the way.

    Trip features

    • 7 nights or more
    • Active daily life on sea
    • Recommended season: March-April; October-December
    • Daily sail to new locations, according to agreement
    • Discovering the history of Adriatic
    • Indulging in gastronomic delights

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  • Family Sail

    In the comfort of White Dust, and the attentiveness of our skipper to the needs of junior and/or senior passengers, you can be sure that all is in place for you to spend a wonderful family holiday sailing in Croatia.

    Trip features

    • 4 days or more
    • Recommended season: June-September
    • An exciting sailing trip where safety and comfort are a priority
    • Daily programme customized to meet the needs of our junior passengers
    • Programme includes: sailing, swimming, beach games, diving, and sightseeing of Adriatic’s best locations

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  • Gastro Sail

    Trip features

    • 4 days or more
    • Recommended season: May-October
    • A Sailing trip for palette
    • Discovery of Adriatic’s splendor combined with tasting the local delicacies and culinary delights
    • With one month’s notice we can arrange a chef on the boat who will prepare delicious food onboard
    • Without an onboard chef, we take you to the best coastal restaurants of Croatia

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  • Relax

    • 4 days or more
    • Recommended season: June-September
    • This package is customized to suit your rhythm and needs

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  • Daily Sailing

    Spend a whole day at the sea on White Dust– visiting seaside locations of unique beauty and swimming in crystal clear waters – only reachable by boat, while discovering the secrets of the Adriatic Sea.

    All sailing trips start form the marina of Rovinj.

    call for price +385 91 6017268

  • One day sail to Brijuni

    Trip features

    • Departure at 9:30 and sailing to Brijuni
    • Between 12.00 and 16.00 lunch, sightseeing and relaxation
    • Sailing and swim stop in pristine Adriatic sea
    • Return to Rovinj at 20.00
    • Recommended season: April to October

    Call for price +385 91 6017268

  • One day along the Istrian Coast

    Trip features

    • Sailing through Adriatic’s clearest waters and sightseeing of the splendid coastal landscapes and formations, caves, and bays, and with a bit of luck groups of dolphins
    • Visit of the Limski Kanal, Rovinj, Vrsar or Porec towns, based on request
    • Swimming in Istria’s best spots
    • Departure 9.30-19:00
    • Custom-made routes are also possible for groups. Make an enquiry

    Call for price +385 91 6017268

  • Sunset sailing

    If you do not have a full day, you can always enjoy short sailing during Rovinj’s magnificent sunset hours. Relax and enjoy a delicious beverage or indulge in delicious dinner watching Rovinj bath in the spectacular colors of nature, sun and sea.

    Trip features

    • Take in the magic of Rovinj as only the view from a boat can allow.
    • Experience the thrill of sailing even if for few hours only.
    • Enjoy a delicious dinner or an apperitivo, at request.
    • Time: 18.00-22.00

    Call for price +385 91 6017268


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Skipper Vajda
tel.: +385 91 6017268
email: info@whitedust-sailing.com